About Our Business

ToneTech is a data imaging supply and service company.

Local to Charlotte NC, and family owned and operated by Cathy and David Chauncy,
ToneTech has been supplying many of Charlotte's largest offices with all of their toner need
for more than 14 years.  The Chauncys purchased ToneTech in 1996 with several ideas in
mind.  The first and foremost was the idea that service would be a top priority with their
customers.  Second, and just as important, was a superior product.  They wanted to make
sure they gave their customers the best product available.  Today, not only do we offer the
best in quality recycle
d and compatible toner cartridges, but also a complete line of OEM and
replacement cartridges as well.  We can handle
all of your imaging needs.  Everything from
copiers to printers, Apple to Zebra, we can get your supplies to you!

The measure of our success.
At ToneTech, we know that the true measure of our success is the degree to which our
customers express satisfaction with our products and services.  Our pursuit of excellence is
an on-going process, and our expectations and standards for performance are continually
evaluated.  We are committed to providing products and services on time, every time, which
meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.  We are committed to giving our
customers the information, products, and support they need.  You can depend on us to
respond to your business with solutions that will help achieve your goals.  

ToneTech specializes in data imaging supplies and services only.
We don't confuse the issue by trying to sell you pens, notebooks or other office supplies.  
We do what we are best at doing---data imaging supplies and services.  That is why we can
say making you look good on paper is our ONLY business.  We know that when your printer
isn't printing, chances are, you're not making any money.  If the quality of the printed
material is not good, then you are not performing at an optimum level.  That's unproductive
use of your time and equipment.  In short, you've got to look good on paper and that's
what ToneTech is all about.

With ToneTech, if you aren't looking good, we aren't looking good.

Contact us today for a customized quotation on all your data imaging supply needs.
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ToneTech  Making You Look Good On Paper IS Our Business!
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